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Based on the statistics from A.H.M.F, one in six Australian adult has genital herpes. With so many people have herpes, the first important dating trouble is how to tell your potential partner you have herpes. The easiest solution is joining a herpes dating site for singles positive for Herpes. To help Australian singles with herpes find their local dating and support sooner, we review the best 3 herpes dating sites in Australia for herpes positive singles:


Image is designed as a local herpes dating website for Herpes singles and friends in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide ,Gold Coast-Tweed, Wollongong of Australia. They provide their members local herpes support and dating services. As well as confidential and anonymous communication, strong privacy settings, safe and comfortable environment. Compared to other worldwide herpes dating site like PositiveSingles, HerpesDatingSiteAustralia is an exclusive herpes dating Australia site with much local people with Herpes or HPV.


ImagePositiveSingles is one of the earliest dating site for people positive for Herpes, HPV, HIV and other STDs. It was founded in 2002 and has grown up as the number 1 STD dating site with 823,100 registered members. In such a big pool, the chances of finding your love are sharply increased and 60,000+ members has posted their STD dating success stories.

It has many unique features like Frequently asked STD questions and answers, STD hot topics, STD forums, STD blogs, Ask STD counselor, STD care locations, STD treatment stories and so on. The team care about members privacy more than other sites. Privacy settings like Private photo album, Make profile available to favorites only, hide photo from members without photo etc. Members are not required to submit any information they are not comfortable with. All personal information of members can be private and anonymous until they want to take things further. Everyone with an STD can join regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender for free. If any Australian Positive Singles wants to enjoy advanced search and privacy protection features, he can upgrade to gold membership by $29.95 per month. Discounts are available to packages payments($59.95 for 3 months, $95.95 for 6+2 months).

Craigslist personals replacement Australia

With the advent of the internet, things that were earlier thought to be impossible are now possible. Not only can people communicate face to face or work while in the go, but also can date online. Online dating eliminates the tensions, nervousness or pressure involved in physical dating.

alternative to craigslist personals and backpageIn March, Craigslist announced that it would scrap off its personals section to conform to the Senate bill H.R. 1865. |The bill seeks to curtail online sex trafficking. It says sites are responsible for people unlawful behavior with their personals sections. For this reason, one should find alternatives for Craigslist personals for Australia’s herpes singles

On the internet today, you will find various dating sites for specific groups of people. For instance, there are dating sites for Christians, blacks, millionaires, for people living with herpes and much more. People with such conditions as herpes join these sites to find friends, support, advice, and even life partners.

While dating is known to be hard and often characterized with a strong feeling of tension, pressure, and nervousness, the feeling is further worsened if you are suffering from conditions like HIV, or even STIs like herpes. People are subject to discrimination and even rejection when they disclose this. However, the dating sites with people with such conditions as herpes shun such discriminations as most or all members there suffer from the same condition or even worse.

While there are many such websites up and running today, here you will get to know a few that are the best alternative to Craigslist personals. Join them today and experience the feel, while in search of your love in minutes.

  1. Positive Singles

This platform is a dating and support community for those living with Herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV and other STIs. The site was launched in 2001 for purposes of building a special community for people living with different STDs. It helps its members to not only stay positive but also find support, hope as well as love. As a result of its services, features, performance, and support, the site ranked #1 for people with STIs. It boasts of more than 1 million users and more than 60, 000 STD dating success tales. Visit it at,

  1. Herpes Dating Site Australia

The site offers services of herpes forum, blog, ask a counselor, treatment stories, pictures and general dating. The site was launched in 2001, and since then it has always helped people living with herpes. The good thing about it is that it enables one to contact others with their profile and email address masked. While you are not supposed to place advertisements at, you can still communicate with millions of quality members. This site offers a safe and comfortable environment, and that is why you should join it. For people viewing with on mobile, please visit the mobile version.


This is a reputable platform in Australia, for people not only living with HIV/AIDS but also herpes. This is known to share fun, the spirit of vibe and also excitement. Many peoples have found their soul mates on this website.

The site is appropriate for people serious in establishing a long-lasting relationship as the design and feature of the website demonstrates the same. This Australian website caters to people of all walks, living with herpes and HIV throughout the world. Its members range from very young to old adults, as long as they are beyond 18 years. It is a nice site to find your better half. The site stands out as even on a free membership account, you can still browse the site, view people’s profiles, modify your profile and also send flirts.


This is home for thousands of Australians with herpes and other STIs, looking for love, friendship, comfort, and support. It has earned the trust of many, owing to its many years of operation. Joining is free with the basic membership, however, for premium membership, there is a required cost, upon which you will gain full access to the site. You can count this site for herpes support, friendship and for a soul mate in the long run. Join this site as you will find friends, as well as the support you need. Also your personal info is always protected unlike most sites.

If you do not like those we listed above, you can seeking other alternative  for Craigslist personals since there are so many dating apps or websites online.

How to protect yourself when dating someone with herpes?

dating someone with herpesIt is a big decision if you are planing on dating someone with Herpes. Remember your partner has shown courage to let you know that he or she is suffering from herpes.

Alternatively, you might have found it the hard by discovering blisters around their mouth and genitalia. It is a big decision if you are planing on dating someone with Herpes. Remember your partner has shown courage to let you know that he or she is suffering from herpes. Alternatively, you might have found it the hard by discovering blisters around their mouth and genitalia.
Genital herpes is a social stigma, most of the people are embarrassed about this condition. The good news is that it is treatable. Here we have a few suggestions for you to ensure that you are doing the right thing if you are planning to date people with herpes.
1-Test yourself 
As your partner the type of test, they got and commonly it is the blood test. Ensure that you get yourself tested. 70% of people with herpes are unaware that they are suffering from this issue. If you are your partner are positive then you can enjoy the stress-free sexual intimacy.
2-Give them encouragement and support 
When you are dating someone with Herpes it takes a lot of courage for your partner to reveal the truth.
• Instead of freaking out you should support them.

• Let them know you will never leave their side and give a real hug.

• Listen supportively and ask how they have been managing their life with the virus.

• Never get sexual when your partner has told you everything and give them some space to think about the future of the relationship.  If you are planning to continue let them know you care and admire their character.
It is important that you educate yourself about herpes if you want to date people with herpes. Conduct a proper research so you will know everything about the disease.
Keep in mind that it is similar to dating someone with cold sores known as oral herpes. We all know it is contagious and it might look awkward. It is just a skin condition and does not make it a barrier to true love.
4-The big decision 
It is the time that you make the big decision that whether you would keep dating someone with Herpes or you will leave. If you truly love someone you love will be more meaningful and powerful against the little skin condition.
On the other hand, if you are planning to date someone for the first time, make sure to ask yourself do you really like them and want to have a long relationship.
The bad news is if you do not care about your partner you might just end the relationship before things get serious and feelings get hurt. Herpes is a painful condition and living with it might get tough if you are not getting it treated.
Bottom line 
If you have made the decision to continue the relation the first thing to consider is that your partner goes on medication. Your partner should be taking the suppressive medications before you start sleeping together. Use protection during the intercourse as it will reduce the chances of transmission.

5 Surprising Things About Herpes

Surprises about HerpesHerpes is a condition which, though not life-threatening, causes people a great deal of emotional distress and discomfort. Genital herpes strains can cause people to feel incredibly self conscious, plus the conditions can put a strain on people’s relationships and sex lives as well. Whilst there are preventative measures which can be taken, herpes and genital herpes are still incredibly common, and what’s more, making a diagnosis isn’t always as simple as you may have thought. Characterized primarily by the outbreak of cold sores, sores, and blisters in general, in order to help protect ourselves against the condition, we must first understand the condition. Here’s a look at a few surprising things you should know about herpes.

Herpes is extremely common – First and foremost, one of the main things you need to know about herpes and genital herpes is the fact that it is extremely common. In actual fact, around 66% of the entire human population has, or will have, herpes at some point in their lives. To put that into perspective, that’s more than 3.7 billion people all over the globe.

Of all herpes infections, more than half are genital herpes – Out of the 3.7 billion people currently dealing with herpes worldwide, studies estimate that around 1.4 billion of these cases are actually genital herpes. What’s more, the age range for genital herpes is on average between 15 and 49, affecting both males and females alike.

Most people don’t know they have herpes – You would think that people infected with herpes would have cold sores on their faces, or sores and blisters on and around their genitals when in reality this is not the case at all. You see, despite so many people having herpes, the vast majority of these people actually have no idea that they have the disease at all. This is because the virus can lay dormant in a person’s system for years, decades even, and can provide no signs or symptoms at all. Some people may randomly begin displaying signs and symptoms of herpes infection years down the line, whereas others may never experience any signs or symptoms at all.

Herpes can be passed on without an outbreak – If you have genital herpes, even if you are not having an outbreak, and are therefore not experiencing any blisters, sores, or rashes on and around your genitals, you can still potentially infect somebody else. When it comes to genital herpes, you must not take any chances and if you know that you’re affected, you must always take the necessary safety precautions.

Genital herpes is very contagious – A lot of people suffering from genital herpes will abstain from intercourse, or will wear protection, and will instead engage in other sexual activities. However, genital herpes is very contagious and it can therefore be passed on in more ways than just those surrounding sexual intercourse. For example, oral sex can also lead to a herpes infection, plus it can be passed on via the use of sex toys, and more besides.

Who has more chance to get herpes in Australia?

Now that you know you have herpes, do you think you are out of the Australia dating game? Definitely not! You are a normal person and you should not stop looking for love and fun. Herpes does not take away your many desirable qualities. So you can still date, fall in love and have sex. After all, herpes is just a disease like any other and it affects a proportion of the adult people in Australia!

culs098531Still, how do you talk about herpes with your new date? We all know that society at large looks at herpes with fear and suspicion, most of which is due to ignorance about the disease. So what do you do?

This is where Herpes Dating Site Australia comes in. Herpes Dating Sites Australia helps people living with herpes to find love again. They knows it is generally difficult to breach the subject of herpes with people who do not have it. So they have made it easier for people living with herpes to meet other people living with herpes. There are many people out there who live with herpes and are looking for love. At present the site has 26,414 members split as follows:

  • HSV-1(cold sore): 3,494;
  • HSV-1(genital): 3,050;
  • HSV-2 (genital): 9,968;
  • Herpes (not sure which type): 3,130;
  • HSV(all types): 16,910;
  • HPV: 1,441.

Here are the gender ratios so you can see what is available when you become a member.

  • Woman looking for man: 27.243%.
  • Man looking for woman: 56.338%.
  • Man looking for man: 11.206%.
  • Woman looking for woman: 1.329%.
  • Couples: 0.886%.

The website caters for all age groups. Here are the age groups of the current members.

  • 18 – 25 years: 9.135%;
  • 26 – 35 years: 33.35%;
  • 36 – 45 years: 27.993%;
  • 46 – 55 years: 19.486%;
  • 56 – 65 years: 8.003%;
  • 66 – 99 years: 2.003%.

As a member of Herpes Dating Site Australia you will have access to stories posted by real members and you will be able to contribute your own story. So far we have the following number of stories posted to the website by real members:

  • Herpes success stories: 25
  • inspirational stories: 20
  • Herpes treatment stories: 6

Do not let herpes interfere with your life. Come join Herpes Dating Site Australia and meet other Herpes singles looking for love.

With Herpes, everyone can love somebody when somebody loves you back.

There is a popular music by a gifted artiste which says “it’s so good, loving somebody when somebody loves you back.” I for one is a firm believer in love, and I totally agree with him because it is not good for a man to be alone! Neither is it good for a woman to remain alone! Love is a strong binding force on earth, and every man or woman deserves to be loved regardless of their status, position, condition or association.

australiaIf you are single and have herpes, one of the most difficult tasks that you would embark on is how to share your secret with your new partner. Since you are not sure of how he/she would react, you may find this decision so hard to make. You are worried that they may share this secret with others and even leave you in the end. This can make dating with herpes very challenging! However you do not need to worry too much anymore, as a dating site meant for people living with herpes has been launched. This site has removed the barrier and holds that usually would keep someone with herpes from finding love again as both partners would recognize their status as a herpes carrier right from the onset.

It is on this basis that we are introducing you to HERPES DATING SITE AUSTRALIA with full herpes support for an individual suffering from herpes. No matter how old you are or how long you have had herpes, it is important that you know that you are not alone and that there are thousands like you seeking for true love on herpes dating site Australia. Not only is love with herpes right at your fingertips, but you also stand to benefit from the numerous herpes support available on the website. Herpes dating site Australia has high privacy settings which enables you to stay hidden while contacting others. Also only fully registered members have access to the site. If you have tried others and you are not getting what you want, Herpes dating sites Australia will help you find love and put the spark back in your eyes!

Therefore what love has joined together, let HERPES NOT PUT ASUNDER!

4 Tips for Dating with Herpes

1. Once your doctor confirms that you are infected herpes, try to tell your sexual partners that you get the virus as soon as possible and recommend that they get a
test too. Symptoms of the first outbreaks usually appear within half month of infection, but may be mild or hard to be noticed.

genital herpes photo
2. When you are having a very severe and wild outbreaks of herpes sores, you’d better go to hospital for intravenous medication and professional topical treatment of
your blisters.

3. People infected with herpes can pass the virus to other negative people even there is no any symptoms. It is very important to use synthetic protections(latex condoms, dental dams) during all sexual activities including oral, genital, or anal sex. It can helps both your partners from getting your virus and yourself from skin damage that might result in an outbreak. Be sure not to have sex during an outbreak.
4. Managing your outbreaks with right treatments will not only help you heal sores sooner, but also reduce chances of your outbreaks and passing the virus to your


Could they both get both viruses if a women with HSV-2 has sex with a man with HSV-1 (G)?

Q:  I have HSV-2. I am in contact with a man that has HSV-1(G). If we have sex with each other will we both end up with both viruses?

A: HSV-1 causes 5-10% of genital herpes outbreaks. HSV-1 isn’t too common genitally. The only way an individual could be certain s/he has genital HSV-1 is to have a
doctor take a viral swab of active herpes sores and send it to the lab. If you cause genital HSV-1 most of the outbreaks would come from HSV-2. Seem HSV-2 is typically
genital herpes.

HSV-1 is likely to spread orally. If you perform oral sex on him the chances are high that you will catch oral HSV-1. Seem you could come in direct oral contact with
HSV-1 by performing oral sex on an individual with genital HSV-1. If safe sex happens the chances are low that HSV-1 and HSV-2 will spread. It’s best to use a
lubricated latex condom. Avoid sex during outbreaks, if a burning itching or tingling feeling occurs.

Herpes dating and support communities help Australian herpes singles live a better life.

With sexually transmitted infections on the rise, new relationship etiquettes have emerged in the recent years, where you’re asked about previous partners or told to furnish a sexual health report. Therefore, deciding the right time to drop the H bomb plays a crucial role in the relationship.

By referring to the H bomb we mean having the talk, where you inform the prospective sexual partner about your condition, explain the intricacies associated with herpes, the risks as well as precautionary measures that you should be adopting. This is said to be the moment when you ‘bomb out’ and is often the make or break moment in any relationship.

According to statistics, 8 in 10 Australians are living with HSV – 1 or oral herpes. On the other hand, 2 in 10 Australians are living with Genital herpes, caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus – 2. It can therefore be said that dropping the H bomb has become a fairly common occurrence in Australia, similar to other nations such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.Herpes Dating Australia

If you’re dating someone and you aren’t sure of whether or not he has herpes, choosing the right moment to have the talk pivotal to the future of your relationship. It is advised you make a confession prior to getting intimate. It has been observed that a lot of wait till the last moment and fail to have the important discussion in the heat of the moment.

How can Herpes dating and support communities help Australian Herpes Singles?

Over the years, scores of herpes dating and support communities came into picture that strived to connect people living with herpes from every corner of the country. The experiment paid great dividends as it allowed people to come out of the closet. Given the fact that the herpes simplex virus ceases to spread when the two individuals are living with the same strand of the virus, it eventually proves to be beneficial for the society.

Dating communities like proved to be a ray of hope to many who had been finding it extremely difficult to gain acceptance among their family and friends. The platform not only brings like – minded people together but also enables them to seek assistance from industry experts and dating counselors. Above all, the site is absolutely free to join and allows prospective users to create a comprehensive profile, upload pictures, interact with other via emails and instant chat, participate in forum discussions and share their experiences through blogs.

All in all, it can be said that herpes dating and support communities have played a pivotal role in bringing back the lost confidence among those living with herpes in Australia.